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Services overview

Our state of the art Claims Management System allows our clients to view the progress of their claims, with the ability to interact with both the adjuster and the reviewer. Contact us for a quick and easy online demonstration.

Services Offered

•   Daily Services

•   Catastrophe Services

•   Flood (NFIP)

•   Property Losses Adjustments and Appraisals

•   Large Commercial and Condominium Loss Adjustments

•   Casualty/Liability Claims Adjustments

•   Business Interuption Losses

•   Property Inspections for Underwriting

•   Investigations

•   File Audits

•   S.I.U.

•   Subrogation Recovery

•   Salvage

•   24 Hour, 7 Day Claim Service

•   After Hour Call Center



Property Inspection Services

Underwriting services, at your request, will be provided to you with an assessment of the risk so that you can determine its insurability.


We will provide your company with the following:

 •   Photographs of the risk.

 •   Diagrams of the risk, with measurements.

 •   Checklist of construction materials used.

 •   Location rating of risk.

 •   Assessment of noticable defects to the risk.

 •   Liability / Hazard assessment of the risk.

 •   Valuation of all properties.

 •   Satellite Imagery, if available.


Catastrophe Services

N&C Claims Service Incorporated is extremely proud of our Catastrophe Services. The key in choosing a catastrophe vendor is selecting a company that is established, reliable, responsive to the client’s needs, has a proven and efficient claims management system, and most importantly a proven track record. We have been in continuous operations for almost 20 years. We are NOT a company born out of the latest disasters! Our Catastrophe Division is fully staffed with supervisors, re-inspectors, trainers, office support, and over 800 adjusters. Of the 800 adjusters, over 150 are Flood Certified.


The proof is in our numbers. Our companies, beginning with the Hurricane Andrew, established itself as an industry leader. We handled and settled of over 90,000 wind claims, and 15,000 flood claims. This, combined with the closing of thousands of ice claims in the North, affords us the opportunity to move forward with the confidence to assure your company, we have whatever it takes to handle your catastrophe needs.


The success of our Catastrophe Services lies in our pre-planning. Hundreds of professional adjusters who are tested annually, and with our state of the art Claims Management System, which allows the client to monitor the progression of each claim until its closure, assures your company of best possible claims adjustment.


N&C Claims Service Incorporated will provide you with functioning Storm Offices within 24 Hours of any catastrophic event. Our storm offices will be managed by our in house staff, which will provide the experience and knowledge that comes with our seasoned personnel. Our adjusters will have your claims almost as quickly as your office downloads them to our office.


Our call centers, located in Sarasota, will immediately begin contacting insured’s as soon as we receive each loss notice. This will assure your policyholders that they have the name and contact information of their adjuster immediately. They will also be sending out contact letters with this information too. Every insured will be contacted within 24 hours whenever possible.





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